The Ampersand Knows All

re-posting this again just for the heck of it!!!
Also I’m starting to feel my Zim obsession coming back to me. I’m totally feeling the inspiration to draw him again, WOO!!! 


in my head tony stark just designs tech for everybody

hearing aids, leg braces, prosthetic arms, whatever

eventually stark industries just opens an actual adaptive tech department and huge strides in the field are made

Ivy drags Jon into the middle of the woods after a trying couple of weeks and just. sits on him until he finally settles down and just lays on the ground. and then she gets up and lays next to him and they hold hands and she plays with his hair and maybe her pheromones make him the teensiest bit stoned just to loosen him up and they just spend the entire day cuddling and looking at flowers and talking about books and somedays that never will be, out in the middle of the woods because they are both just so done with people and society so they just lay with each other for a few hours until they’re not pissed off at everything anymore


Original concept art by Charles Hall - Frankenstein (1931)


when queen Mera in YJ announced she was pregnant in “downtime” i turned to my brother and was like “looks like someone was getting aqualaid" and now he won’t talk to me